Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Mercu Buana

Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Mercu Buana (JRAMB) (Print ISSN: 2460-1233; Online ISSN: 2548-4338) published by the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University Mercu Buana Yogyakarta. JRAMB was first published in 2015, published two times a year (May and November). The accreditation rank for national lebel is “Sinta 4”. This journal is a medium for researchers to publish their research results in relation to the fields of accounting and public policy. Therefore, that it can be a forum to improve the quality of research and to disseminate knowledge both nationally and globally. JRAM not only receives a manuscript from Indonesia but also from abroad. Retractions will be considered if results are invalid or ethical guidelines have been violated (i.e. applicable cases of plagiarism and ghostwriting). All articles published on JRAMB can be accessed openly to the public and it is free of charge.

Vol 6, No 1: Mei 2020

Table of Contents

Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Mercu Buana (JRAMB)

Ratna Purnama Sari, Citra Setia Mulyani, Dekeng Setyo Budiarto
10.26486/jramb.v6i1.697 Abstract views : 810 | PDF views : 892
Tajudeen Adejare ADEGBITE, Mustapha BOJUWON, Sanni MUBARAQ
10.26486/jramb.v6i1.936 Abstract views : 454 | PDF views : 305
Manggar Wulan Kusuma, Prima Rosita Arini
10.26486/jramb.v6i1.934 Abstract views : 1510 | PDF views : 900
Desita Riyanta Mitra Karina, Iwan Setiadi
10.26486/jramb.v6i1.1054 Abstract views : 1474 | PDF views : 2441
Ayu Ania Dufrisella, Endang Sri Utami
10.26486/jramb.v6i1.1195 Abstract views : 2653 | PDF views : 1168