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InSight: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi (Print ISSN: 1693-2552; Online ISSN: 2548-1800) published two times (February and August) by the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University Mercu Buana Yogyakarta. The accreditation rank for national lebel is “Sinta 4”. This journal is a medium for researchers to publish their research results in relation to the fields of Educational and Developmental Psychology, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, social psychology, psychometrics, clinical psychology, both qualitative and quantitative research. Papers mainly focused on the latest issues of theoretical studies and empirical research that address current problems written by researchers, academics, professionals, and practitioners. Therefore, that it can be a forum to improve the quality of research and to disseminate knowledge both nationally and globally. InSight: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi not only receives a manuscript from Indonesia but also from abroad. Retractions will be considered if results are invalid or ethical guidelines have been violated (i.e. applicable cases of plagiarism and ghostwriting). All articles published on InSight: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi can be accessed openly to the public and it is free of charge.

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Vol 22, No 2: Agustus 2020

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Natalia Christy Waney, Wahyuni Kristinawati, Adi Setiawan
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.969 Abstract views : 1039 | PDF views : 1230
Archangela Girlani Dwi Lestari, Kondang Budiyani, Martaria Rizky Rinaldi
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.1148 Abstract views : 569 | PDF views : 359
ka Yan, Lie Fun Fun, Cakrangadinata Cakrangadinata
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.1039 Abstract views : 439 | PDF views : 259
Muhammad Wahyu Kuncoro, Triana Noor Edwina, Sowanya Ardi Prahara
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.1149 Abstract views : 210 | PDF views : 168
Suprastowo Damarhadi, Mahmud Junianto, Siti Nur Indasah, Nina Zulida Situmorang
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.957 Abstract views : 420 | PDF views : 388
Ni Gusti Nyoman Estheriani, Abdul Muhid
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.1206 Abstract views : 671 | PDF views : 720
Hania Maria Sofwana, Fitri Rosiana, Handrix Chris Haryanto
10.26486/psikologi.v22i2.1141 Abstract views : 401 | PDF views : 492