Awan Santosa


This research aims at identifying the variables (indicators) related to economic democracy in Indonesia and formulating the Index of Indonesia Economic Democracy.The Formulation of Indonesia Economic Democracy Index had done by applying of Delphi Method which based on 10 Indonesian economic democracy expert judgement. The research also use normative and theorytical literature study as reference. Delphi Method was deliver in 2 round using email and questionare directly sending.
The research finding show three dimension of Indonesia Economic Democracy Index arrangement. First, Production Democracy dimension (DP) with indicators: open unemployment, disguised unemployment, dan ratio between wage and company omzet. Second, Alocation dan Consumption Democracy (DAK) dimension with indicators: proportion of social safety spending for the poor in the local state budget and ratio of 40% lower income into total income. Third. Democracy of Production Factor Controlling (DPFP) dimension with indicators: APBD to PDRB ratio, PAD to APBD ratio, domestic financing to APBD ratio, APBD to natural resource exploitation omzet ratio, domestic investment to total investment ratio, SME’s investment to PDRB ratio, loan to deposit ratio, land ownership average, education spending to APBD ratio, health spending to APBD ratio, rate of schooling, cooperative member to citizen ratio, cooperative omzet to PDRB ratio. Ratio of labor union ownership, member of labor union to total labor ratio, and ratio of employee share ownership. The formula of Indonesia Economic Democracy Index which had agreement form expert considering weight score value is: IDEI = (0,79)DP + (0,93)DAK + (0,86)DPFP.
Key Words: Production Democracy, Alocation dan Consumption Democracy, Democracy of Production Factor Controlling


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