Video Making Project To Improve Students‟ Autonomy And Ability In Transactional And Interpersonal Conversations


  • Riko Arfiyantama



Autonomy, Transactional, Interpersonal, Video Making, Competenc


Speaking as one of the productive skills is considered difficult for
foreign language learners. One of the efforts to solve the difficulty is improving
the students‟ autonomy in speaking practice. The study is about the use of
video making to improve students‟ autonomy and speaking ability in
transactional and interpersonal conversations. The objective of the study was
to find out how video making project is implemented in classroom. Students of
SMA 1 Limbangan were taken as the subject of the study. This study used
classroom action research by conducting a pre-test, first cycle, and second cycle
activities particularly focused on speaking. The students‟ speaking achievement
was scored based on the video they had made. The students were also asked to
fill the questionnaire to know their improvements in autonomy. The result of
the research showed that the average score percentage of autonomy in pre-test
was 68%, cycle I result was 87% and cycle II result was 89%. While the result
also showed that the average of students‟ speaking achievements in pre-test was
60, cycle I was 68, and Cycle II was 73.It can be concluded that using Video
Making project in teaching transactional and interpersonal conversations can
improve the students‟ speaking competence as well as autonomy.






(JELE) Journal Of English Language and Education