Using English Movies to Enhance Grade XI Students‟ Speaking Skill (A Classroom Action Research Conducted in SMAN 1 Seyegan, Sleman)


  • Noor Aeni
  • Restu Arini



This research intended to discover two things, namely the students‟ interest in
learning English by using movies watching media, and the result of the students‟
speaking skill improvement on cyclical implementations. This research applied
Classroom Action Research proposed by Kemmis and McTaggart (2000) with two
cycles. Each cycle consisted of a pre-test, treatments, and post-tests. It involved 31
students of XI IPA 3 class in SMAN 1 Seyegan as the research subjects. The result of
this research showed that English movies could make the students interested in
following the English class. It was proven by the students who became more active to
talk in English and did not feel shy or reluctant to share their thoughts. Another result
showed that the students‟ average score was gradually improved from 58.08 in the pretest
became 65.74 and 74.78 in the first and second post-tests. It can be concluded that
English movies is effective to be implemented as an alternative teaching and learning
media to teach English speaking skill. Therefore, English teachers are recommended to
use English movies to optimize the English learning outcome not only on speaking skill
but also other skills.
Keywords: Classroom Action Research, English Movies, Improve, Speaking Skill






(JELE) Journal Of English Language and Education