Class Struggle As Represented By The Character Eloi And Morlock In Hebert George Wells’ The Time Machine


  • Putri Praciana Noviyandini Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta



Class Struggle, Bourgeois, Proletariat, Oppression



This study analyzed a novel written by Hebert George Wells, The Time Machine.The author talked about the different classes based on society’s economic status, namely upper class and lower class that might cause the class struggle. There were three objectives that were formulated by the writer, 1) to discuss the characterization of the Eloi and Morlock, 2) to present the conflict between Eloi and Morlock, 3) to discuss the class struggle between the upper and lower class in accomplishing their desire as represented by character Eloi and Morlock. In analyzing this novel the writer used the socio-cultural-historical and biographical approach and also the library research to analyze this novel. There were two main character in the novel that represented the upper and lower classes in nineteenth century. They had conflict since hundreds years ago that was the lower class were oppressed by the upper class. It made them bare and did the struggle. This struggle came from the economical, ideological and political background. Since the economical struggle that was increasing the wage and shorting the work hours was not approved, they made the ideological struggle. This struggle found the perfect way to control the upper class. After that, they did the political struggle that served the upper as the cattle and prey them. They also changed the rule which was oppressed to oppress. It recommended for the next researcher to use the same approach and for the teacher to use this novel as learning material.






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