Improving Students‟ Listening Competence by Using Contextual Teaching and Learning (A Classroom Action Research Conducted at the Second Grade of MTs. Ma‟arif 2 Muntilan, Magelang)


  • Happy Annisa
  • Octa viani
  • Hermayawati Hermayawati



his research was conducted to improve students‟ listening competence by
using Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) method. The aims of conducting this
research were as follows: (1) improving students‟ listening competence through CTL;
(2) finding the students‟ interest improvement on their listening by using CTL; (3)
finding the improvement of the students‟ listening competence by using CTL. The
Classroom Action Research was used by the researcher in conducting this research.
Furthermore, the pre-test, treatments, and post-test were given to find the students‟
listening improvement in learning using CTL.The result of the research showed that
CTL could improve the students‟ listening competence. It could be seen from the
average scores in the pre-test and post-test. The average score of students in the pretest
was about fifty six point two. Meanwhile, the average score in the first post-test and
second post-test were seventy two point five and eighty point six. The result of the
students‟ average score showed the improvement in their listening achievement by by
using CTL. The students‟ interest improved through the students‟ active contribution
during the learning processes which was measured by using scoring rubric of
“metacognitive rubric motivationâ€. Therefore, it can be concluded that CTL is effective
to teach listening to the students. In short, the method can be used by the teacher as an
alternative to teach listening.
Keywords: Classroom Action Research, CTL, Listening, Method, Motivation

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Happy Annisa

‟ Octaviani1, Hermayawati





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