Discourse as Social Practice on Abdul Qodir Jaelani (AQJ) Case

Suhartini Syukri, Isna Humaerah


This study aims at describing social practices and explaining social agents’
thought and belief in the discourse of Abdul QodirJaelani (AQJ). It uses a descriptive
qualitative approach in the form of discourse analysis, by utilizing the Critical
Discourse Analysis (CDA) and appraisal devices as instruments. The data obtained
were 10 written newspaper textsof AQJ case taken from the Jakarta Post online
newspaper. The units of analyses of the study are the whole texts in general and the
clauses in particular. The results show that in situational level, the news productions
are based on the continuity of situational development of AQJ case; in institutional
level, the economic media of the Jakarta Post is more stable and the politics media
involves the journalists’ ideology stance in which represent readers’ ideology; in the
social level, the news attempt to attract readers’ critical thinking of the AQJ case.
Moreover, the social agents employed all three resources of attitudes that tend to be
negative in terms of judgment, appreciation and affect. In sum, this study shows that
meanings were realized through the representation of social agents and social events,
afterwards the evaluation of kinds of attitudes were also negotiated in the news texts of
Keywords : appraisal system, discourse analysis, news articles, social agents, social

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26486/jele.v1i2.167


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