A critical discourse analysis on online news text


  • Muhammad Faishol Nurul Huda UIN Syarif Hidayatullah




Critical discourse analysis, Relocating of Capital City, Tempo.com.


The aim of this research was to describe the structure of news texts on tempo.com about relocating the capital city. The method used in this research was a qualitative research method. The data were collected from Tempo daily news, which was available online. The headline of the news entitled “Tolak Relokasi Ibu Kota,†in which it highlighted the government’s plan to relocate the capital city of Indonesia, was analyzed in this study. This present research employed one of the three-dimensional CDA developed by Teun A van Dijk approach which consists of social cognition analysis, social context analysis, and structure of text. In this study, the data were analyzed only in terms of the structure of text on online media tempo.com. The data were analyzed with the orientation of the descriptive-analytic method that was published on Tempo.com in 2019. The results showed that journalists of tempo.com media built the public opinion in the news in a negative way. The journalist utilized selecting diction, cause effect organization, and selected speaker’s indirect quotations to produce news texts. In addition, the news was considered in harmony with its mission of providing a multimedia product that was independent and free from all pressures. The readers were led to a negative image of the government on Tempo.com as an active and existent media in voicing justice. At the end, community will be made to sharpen their sensitivity to society, culture, and politics.


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