Influence of the addition of turmeric extract powder preparation nanoparticles in rations against the physical quality of chicken broiler 5 weeks

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The purpose of the research is to know the effect of nanoparticles-turmeric extract (Curcuma domestica Vahl) on the physical quality of  broiler chicken meat which include (pH, water holding capacity, cooking loss, and tenderness) and the percentage of carcass, abdominal fat, and subcutan fat. The object of this research are 60 male broiler chickens and the sample is the meat from the breast (Pectoralis Superficialis). The design of the experiment used is one pattern of Complete Random Design with five kinds of treats, with three times repetition each, which three are four chickens in every repetition. The data is analyzed by analysis of variance, if the result of variance analysis is significantly, it will be tested by Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. The result of this research shows that nanoparticle-turmeric extract effect the physical quality of the meat especially water holding capacity thus it does not effect on the physical quality of other meat such pH, cooking loss, and the tenderness, the percentage of carcass, abdominal fat, and subcutan fat. The conclusion from the result is that nanoparticle-turmeric extract with level 0,8% in the feed, increasing the quality of broiler chicken meat particularly on the water holding capacity. 

 Keyword: Nanoparticles-turmeric extract, the quality of physical meat.

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