Hermaya wati


This case study intended to analyse the higher graders’ English learning dificulties of the Guidance and Counselling study program. This study mainly focused on finding students’ difficulties in mastering English competency. It was conducted in University of Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta by involving 50 students and a teacher as the subjects. The researcher used both classical and individual approaches in gathering both qualitative and quantitative data. The pocedures used context, input, process, and product/CIPP-Evaluations Model for its benefit to increase teaching quality. The data was analysed by using McDonough & McDonough Model, i.e.: (1) exploration on both students’ learning processes and the results; (2) analysing the results of exploration through questionaire, interviewing with students; (3) conducting peer-debriefing, i.e. interviewing with other lecturers related to, the methods, syllabus content, whether they have matched with the students’ needs. The findings showed that students’ English learning difficulties for: (1) their sense of being-forced; (2) low-mastery on the basic concept/intakes; (3) less-endorsement from their environment; (4) forget factor; (5) having less-chance to practise. In reference with the findings, it was suggested that teachers and institution should facilitate and give high motivation for their students’ English learning process.
Keywords: learning, English, finding

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