Sarlin Sarlin, Sahril Nur


The purpose of this study was to analyze the writing quality of the students in writing narrative based on their
experience. The population was class XII MIPA 1 of MA Pesantren IMMIM in academic year 2021/2022. The
sample was class XII MIPA 1, that consist of 29 students. The instrument of the research was a writing test,
describing the students‟ writing ability in aspect of writing namely content and organization. The result of the
study indicated that the students‟ ability in writing narrative based on their experience was improved. It was
proved by the score of the test on content aspect of writing that there were 15 (51,72%) students get Excellent to
very good score; 10 (34,48%) students get good to average; 2 (6,89%) students get fair to poor; and 2 (6,89%)
get very poor. The score of the test on content aspect of writing that there were 10 (34,48) students get excellent
to very good score; there were 7 (24,13%) students get good to average score; 9 (31,03%) students get fair to
poor scores; and also 3 (10,34%) students get very poor score. Based on the findings and discussion of the
study, the writer concludes that the ability of class XII MIPA 1 at MA Pesantren IMMIM was improved.


Student‟s Ability, English Writing, Narrative Writing, Students Score

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