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Kimpul (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) included in tubers that potential as carbohydrate source. The problems in using kimpul as an alternative staple food are impractical, less favored and their acrid taste. However, the calcium content ( Ca2+ ) of kimpul is low, while the phosphorus (P) is quite high, the ideal ratio of Ca2+/P in food to maintain of bone is 2/1. The purpose of this research was to produce quick-cooking of calcium-fortified kimpul with high acceptability. The research consists of 5 steps e.i. 1) processing of calcium-fortified quick cooking kimpul with variations of slice size and heating time, 2) to evaluate the physical properties (texture, color) of calcium-fortified quick cooking kimpul, 3) to determine the optimum processing conditions based on the acceptability before and after cooking, and 4) to evaluate the chemical properties (Ca2+ content, starch, moisture and ash) of calcium-fortified quick cooking kimpul with high acceptability. The results showed that the processing of kimpul into calcium-fortified quick cooking kimpul could produce high acceptability product. Specifically, the larger slice size, the harder texture of the product. The preferred kimpul texture was that sliced with size of 1.00 and 2.00 mm with heating time of 20 and 25 minutes. The colour of calcium-fortified quick cooking kimpul was not significantly differences. The acceptable calcium-fortified quick cooking kimpul was that processed with slice size of 1.00 - 2.00 mm and heating time of 20 minutes.

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