Niken Astuti


This research was conducted to investigate the effect of ration based on broiler concentrate on performance include feed intake, average daily gain, and feed conversion. The material were used 60 native chicken divided into 12 cages randomly of four treatments, each treatment consisted of three replications. The treatment were R1 (concentrate broiler100%), R2 (concentrate broiler 75%) , R3 (concentrate broiler 50%) and R4 (concentrate broiler 25%). One way completely randomized design was used. The variable were analyzed by analysis of variance and the significant result tested by Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test. The result showed that the feed intake on concentrate broiler 75 and 100% was not significant different, the same result on average daily gain and feed conversion. The lower native chicken performance was showed on ration based on concentrate broiler 25 and 50%. It was concluded that concentrate broiler can be used in ration up to 75% . Key words : Native chicken, performance, concentrate broiler.

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