Sonita Rosningsih


This study was evaluated the Effect of Implementation of agribusiness model of "mini integrated farming" (MIF) and national program of capital gain independence (PNPM) in order to increase families income.The study was conducted using survey method by taking 30 farmers as responden.15 breeders who follow the development model MIF and 15 PNPM. Data is collected by purposive sampling.Type of data collected are the primary data and secondary data. Primary data was taken from a breeder respondens through interview techniques based on structured questionnaire with open and close questions, while the secondary data taken from the village government Argorejo.The social and economic conditions of Argorejo villagers after the implementation of MIF and the PNPM program can be summarized as follows: 1.. There is a difference in knowledge between MIF and the PNPM program participants due to the socialization that is not maximized. However, the implementation , monitoring and assistance is still being done by implementing an intensive field program of MIF and PNPM. 2. After implementation program, farmers acquire new knowledge , how to choose breeds, preparing rations. Good cages and how to hatch by the incubator, and set the structure of the population in order to increase revenue .. The condition was made possible because in addition to the results of farm labor, farmer had additional income from selling eggs and chicks. Key Words: Kampung Chicken, Sosio Economi, Argorejo.

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