The critical conditions and high-protein food oyek shelf life packed in polypropylene and polyethylene

Astuti Setyowati, Bayu Kanetro


High-protein oyek is a product of dried growols made through a traditional fermentation process of cassava flour added with cowpea sprout flour which is functional food. The oyek can be used as a substitute for rice as staple food. Oyek is a type of dried food products which has the property of easy water absorption from the environment so that it will experience physical, chemical and microbiological damage. High-protein oyek can be determined shelf of life by using plastic packaging based on its particular type and thickness. The aim of this research was to determine the shelf of life high- protein oyek based on the best type and thickness of polypropylene and polyethylene packaging. In this study, it was conducted the permeability test of packaging film, namely polypropylene and polyethylene with a thickness of 0.05 and 0.08 mm respectively which were used as packaging of high-protein oyek. High-protein oyek was packed and stored for 30 days at 25°C and at RH 90% and then it was undertaken the analyses of moisture content, texture, characteristic and critical condition and shelf life. The results obtained in this study indicated that critical condition of high-protein oyek was sluggish texture with texture 5,1495 N on moisture content 10,41%db which was equivalent to aw 0,51. The best packaging for packing of high-protein oyek is using the polypropylene film0.08 mm with the constant permeability of water vapour 0.0001683 g / pouch mmHg and the shelf life of 211 days.

Key words: high-protein oyek, properties and critical condition, type and thickness of packaging and shelf life.

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